About Altar Boyz

Altar Boyz is offering a simple way to make some extra money through promoting this hit off-Broadway musical! Sell a DISCOUNTED ticket to Altar Boyz and receive $10.00 cash commission! For every ticket that is purchased through that code, you receive $10.00 commission! Since tickets are normally sold in a pair – that’s $20.00 per order! And there is no limit to how much you can make. Sell 100 tickets – make $1000.00!

  • Post a banner ad on your blog or personal website
  • Blog about it on other websites or chat rooms
  • Post an ad on your Facebook, MySpace, or Broadway Space page
  • Send out an email to all of your friends
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Altar Boyz makes it even easier by supplying a code that is for a discounted ticket!!! Anyone can purchase a full-price ticket to a show, but ticket buyers are always looking for a good deal, and you will have a competitive discount to offer to these buyers!